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After qualifying, I worked for several years as a Counsellor for Peterborough Counselling Services based in GP practises across Peterborough, providing free counselling for NHS patients.

I have also worked with vulnerable young adults during my time at Axiom Housing in Peterborough.

I continue to develop as a Counsellor through my experience and formalised training which includes: CBT techniques, working with anxiety and panic, understanding the debilitating effects of shame, PTSD, sexual abuse survivor work, survivor of boarding school and most recently, how to do counselling on-line (a coronavirus primer) and working with trauma during a world-wide pandemic.

Prior to becoming a Counsellor, I gained a degree in Business Management followed by a successful career in the world of Human Resources. This has given me an excellent awareness of employment law and an insight into what it is like to work in large corporations. This helps when I work with clients who have experienced unsettling change at work, have been made redundant, or would like to pursue a career change but have no idea where to start.

I am also a mum to our teenage son, two grown up stepsons and fur baby, Ralph the cockapoo. I am fully aware of the day to day pressures of balancing being a mum, caring for an elderly parent, having a career, tackling the menopause and trying to ensure the house remains standing with an acceptable level of cleanliness!

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